Sauna -- It's getting hot in here!

Why we love our infared sauna!
Crossfit Torsion
November 10, 2022
Sauna -- It's getting hot in here!

We have taken a much stronger, renewed focus on providing our athletes with tools and information to improve overall health. 

Using a sauna regularly fits right into that mission. We are fortunate to have an infared sauna available to our athletes.

Saunas can help with:

“Sauna is basically exercising without exercising” -- Dr. Mike Stone  

When you sauna, your body heats up. It then has to go through a complicated biological mechanism to cool you down.  This mechanism, on a cellular level has a number of positive effects on your metabolic health. Some include:

What do we mean by the “exercise without exercising" quote?

Duration and recommended sessions per week vary depending on what you are trying to achieve, but in order to achieve the benefits listed above the general recommendation is: 3-5 sessions per week of 20 minutes.  

We are excited to have a sauna option available for all of our athletes as part of our standard membership!

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