Do you move well?

Do you put much thought into the way you move?

I believe that physical fitness is both a gift and a duty. What many of us take for granted (the ability to move our body through a full range of motion), would be a life changing gift for others.

Our bodies are designed to act as a single organism composed of hundreds of muscles working with and against each other to carry out daily tasks.

At Torsion, our program and team use CrossFit style training and label those daily tasks as functional movements.

To paraphrase the CrossFit definition of functional movement states they are "natural", meaning they are not isolated movements you will only find being performed on a machine at a gym.

Instead, they are the multi joint movements found everywhere in daily life - squatting down, picking something up off the ground, putting something up over our head. These movements work more than one muscle group at a time starting at the core; strengthening and stabilizing out to the extremities.

Functional movements are also "essential". Meaning — whether we decide to practice them as part of a fitness routine or not — they remain absolutely essential to living independently as we age. If we can't squat, lift, or press unassisted, we will struggle completing basic life needs.

These movements are also "safe".

I’m not saying that other types of exercise are unsafe or bad - but focusing on isolated movements or really any movement without using excellent technique or mechanics - can lead to muscle imbalances and potential movement breakdowns.

Our bodies are amazing and extremely resilient , but poor movement repetition after poor movement repetition - in and out of the gym - year after year, leads to trouble. Breakdown in muscles, joints, and tendons can cause pain, arthritis, and a decrease in range of motion. With a decrease in range of motion can come a decrease in quality of life and independence.

To stay healthy and active throughout your lifetime, you should move often, but more importantly you would benefit even greater by moving your body often AND moving your body well. We teach functional movements step by step - to any and all levels. If you are on a journey to health and lifelong wellness, we would love for you to join us ! Contact Us and Get Started today!

Chad Hunt

Co-Owner CrossFit Torsion