We believe that some of the most important things in life are the connections we make with others!

YES, you can work out alone in a garage gym, or in your basement, or in a typical globo-gym setting. Your body can still gain the physical benefits of exercise.

However, we would argue that by fully immersing yourself into a Community - like the one we are so proud of here at CrossFit Torsion - and developing relationships with people on the same journey as you, you gain so much more than just a stronger physical body.

This isn’t just our own personal opinion, data actually backs this belief up.

According to an ongoing analysis by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Robert Waldinger, our relationships are vitally important to our overall health and well-being.

The following points are the general associations that he has found:

  • Social connections appear to be good for our health

  • People who are socially connected to their friends, family, and a community tend to be happier, healthier and live longer

  • Loneliness appears to be toxic

  • Life expectancy declines for those who are more isolated than they want to be

  • Relationship quality matters

  • QUALITY over QUANTITY - it matters less that you have lots of friends if those connections aren’t strong

  • Good relationships appear to protect our brains

  • Being in securely attached relationships appears to keep the memory sharper as we age

Everyone deserves a place where they feel seen, heard, and connected.

Everyone deserves a place where others encourage them to try new things.

Everyone needs a place to celebrate their successes.

Everyone needs a place where it is ok to cry and feel your feelings during the challenges of life that come up.

Everyone deserves a place to create and build better relationships.

Relationships and Community are really the Magic of CrossFit.

If you are ready to start moving towards lifelong health and fitness, Contact Us and Get Started!

But don’t just Get Started with a workout of the day. Get ready to show up for the friends. Show up for the fist bumps and high fives. Show up for the community.