Craig Black

Craig Black


Back squat- 405lbs, Fromt squat-300lbs, Hang clean-245lbs, Deadlift-460lbs


CrossFit level 1 coach with 7 years of helping athletes attain their healthy living goals.

About Coach

I started my journey with Crossfit as most people do, not knowing if I could do it. I started like most people, modifying workouts to make each day what was best for me. What I like about Crossfit is the ability to cater workouts to a person's fitness level. You don't need to get in "shape" to do Crossfit, you need to make the commitment to yourself to change your life.

Turning Point

Crossfit challenges you both mentally and physically. The first mental challenge is getting started. Once you start, commit to getting fit. There is no "get fit quick" plan. It is a process that occurs over time. Workouts can be challenging, but the results of your work can be so very satisfying.

Motivation & Passion

I enjoy coaching people of all fitness levels. Everyone of them has a fitness journey, I want to help them on their way.

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