I love that you have visited our site and are taking the time to read our blog!
March 14, 2022

I love that you have visited our site and are taking time to read our blog!  

That likely means you are taking steps to improve your health and are considering adding regular exercise into your routine.  That is exciting!  We would love to help you with a plan for lifelong health and fitness!

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The food YOU CHOOSE to put into your body on a daily basis has a greater impact on your overall health than almost anything else you do.  (Spoiler alert...even more impact than exercise!)

I am one of the Co-Owners of Torsion and also a Pharmacist at a local retail grocery store.  

As a Pharmacist, I spend large portions of my time talking to people about the side effects of medications they have been prescribed.  People are VERY concerned about the possible side effects of a tiny pill.  Believe it or not, I have even seen people choose to not take a medication that could truly improve their quality of life - simply because they are worried about a very small chance (1%) of a certain side effect.

Why don't we worry about the “side effects” of the foods that we eat?

If I were to place one of the "side effects" package inserts into poor quality food choices, it would look something like this:     85% risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, obesity, poor mobility, chronic inflammation, depression, gastrointestinal upset.  And that's just the short list.  

It is no secret that chronic health conditions are impacted by the quality/quantity of our food choices.   But many still choose to make unhealthy choices.

Exercise is important to lifelong health, however you simply cannot achieve the results you are hoping for if you don’t also also take control and develop a healthy lifelong routine in the kitchen.  

I encourage you to start thinking about food the same way that you think about medicine.  

Consider the positive and negative consequences that result from your food choices.  

Know the side effects.  Start thinking about eating food for the HEALTH consequences.  Start making small consistent choices each day that bring you closer to lifelong health.  

Here are a couple of resources we have compiled for you with some thoughts about how we view nutrition at Torsion.

We hope to see you soon!

Cristen Walker

Co-Owner CrossFit Torsion

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