CrossFit in the Time of COVID-19

As we head into another week of being away from the gym
March 14, 2022
CrossFit in the Time of COVID-19

As we head into another week of being away from the gym -- a place many of us consider a second home -- I've been thinking a lot about what CrossFit is in these trying times. The thought I keep coming back to time and again is that from the beginning one of the core principles of CrossFit training has been to prepare people for "the unknown and unknowable". There surely has not been in any of our lifetimes a time more unknown or unknowable than this.

That degree of uncertainty is often accompanied by a peculiar form of paralysis. We go to sometimes extreme lengths to preserve some sense of comfortable normalcy but all things being uncertain make that impossible. Desperate for things to remain the same, but unable to control the force of change bearing down upon us we become stuck. From a fitness standpoint the most obvious example of this I see happening is people being away from the gym desiring to recreate the gym experience by building up a home gym, but being limited by space, time, or monetary resources. Failing to accomplish that they fall into the trap of doing nothing. "If I can't do things the way I would at the gym, with the people I like, being pushed by my coach -- what's the point?". That's a TRAP and one that I want you all to avoid!

The key to escaping that trap is to remember that you already have the most important tools in your toolbox that you need to be successful:

1. The desire to be a more capable, functional, human being led you to walk through the doors of Torsion in the first place.

3. The ability to embrace the unknown and unknowable, persevere and succeed that you embody with every workout we've put you through to date.

The gym exists as a place to bring people together in the community. The equipment serves a purpose but is only one means to an end. That's why while you may have seen many gyms loaning or renting equipment to their members we have chosen not to do so. It's why we are putting ourselves in the same limited equipment position as many of you even though we have access to the gym.

Our mission is to EMPOWER YOU TO OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH -- FOR LIFE. The current situation is a great opportunity to become comfortable with uncertainty, learn to be creative with our fitness, and dig deep into the other factors of health like sleep, and mindset. So that when uncertainty strikes again (as it inevitably will) you don't fall prey to the paralysis trap and instead continue to build your best life with the tools you have at hand.

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